Military Family Divorce Center

We help military families by supporting and guiding you through the divorce process!

About The Military Family Divorce Center

The divorce process is complicated and stressful under the best of circumstances, but the challenges posed to military families are more significant.  If you or your spouse is a member of the armed services, you should have an experienced Virginia military divorce lawyer to help you navigate the special issues involved in the marital dissolution process.  Military families facing divorce face special legal and logistical issues. We understand that while the military member is put in harms’ way on a daily basis, the whole family bears the burden of military service, that is why we started Military Family Divorce Center. We serve military members and their families.

Even initiation of the process of divorce is different when one of the spouses is serving in the military.  The Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA) provides special protections that can stay proceedings and protect a member of the military from having his or her military service exploited to gain an advantage in court proceedings.  While the SCRA does not provide a barrier to divorce, it can delay the process under certain circumstances.

Our Hampton Roads military divorce lawyers also understand the other unique issues that are involved in a military divorce relating to calculation of alimony, spousal support enforcement, division of marital property, child custody and parenting plans.  Military families need legal advice and representation from a military divorce lawyer who understands the unique legal provisions that impact a military divorce as well as the practical challenges.

If you are a parent in the military, you know that you can be deployed or stationed in a remote location that makes exercising custody of your children difficult.  At the Military Family Divorce Center, we recognize the importance of including provisions in a parenting plan that address an unexpected deployment or other sudden relocation to a remote location.  Our Virginia child custody lawyers also recognize the importance of including provisions that ensure that our client’s parental access is fully restored once a remote deployment has ended.

When it comes to financial issues, we work diligently to help our client negotiate favorable orders regarding alimony and the division of marital property and debts.  If we cannot reach an amicable settlement through negotiations or other forms of alternate dispute resolution, we are prepared to aggressively pursue our client’s interests at trial.

We are frequently able to help our clients resolve their issues and proceed with an uncontested divorce which saves time and aggravation.  We provide a clear explanation of your rights and the potential outcome if a judge rules on an issue, so we can help you reach an amicable settlement.  This settlement must then be artfully memorialized in a marital settlement agreement and parenting plan that will become part of your divorce judgment.

Our Virginia military divorce lawyers understand that people do not look forward to the prospect of a marital dissolution, our goal is to make a difficult process as painless, efficient and stress-free as possible.